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Biking has enormous benefits, from reducing pollution to boosting your mental and physical health. 

However, not everyone can enter the world of biking with ease. Many people fear losing balance while riding or simply find bikes not practical enough.

If you fall into either category, we suggest you consider electric tricycles. Also known as an electric trike, this vehicle provides additional power, stability, and comfort. 

You can find an electric trike for adults, newbies, seniors, and individuals who prefer effortless rides. 

If this type of e-bike sounds like a good match for you, continue reading to discover more. 

What is an Electric Tricycle?

The main difference between a traditional trike and a bike is that trikes have more storage space and three wheels instead of two – two at the back and one at the front. Such a design makes riding easier as it provides additional support. 

An electric trike is even more convenient and practical as it includes an electric motor that provides extra power when pedaling. As you pedal, the motor activates and boosts your speed and pull. 

You can also ride electric trike bikes fully automatic without any pedal assistance. And if you ever need to spruce it up, ebike accessories like LCD screens and rear-view mirrors can further elevate your riding experience.

Electric Trike Bikes For Sale: How To Choose The Best One 

As you start researching electric tricycles at your ebike shop, you will face the inevitable dilemma of choosing between different models. 

Here are the three most important factors to have in mind:


The more powerful motor you have, the faster you can ride your trike. However, the motor you choose also depends on your trike’s weight. Heavier e-tricycles require a more powerful engine, especially if you want to let go of your pedals from time to time. 

The most common motors for electric trikes are hub and mid-drive motors.

The hub motor is located in the front or rear wheel and requires almost no maintenance. However, this motor type is unsuitable for steep terrain as it’s limited in feature options like speed and gear.

The mid-drive motor is located between pedals and directly powers the front chainring. This one offers better support when climbing steep terrain like hills, but it can break the chains if you apply too much pressure. 

Storage Space

Most e-trikes offer generous storage space. You can store many things with the right trike, including groceries, camera equipment, and camping gear. As such, there are tons of electric trikes for adults with high carrying capacity.

However, more storage space means a heavier trike. Consider a trike with a smaller trunk if you plan on using your vehicle to climb hills or rocky terrain.


Whether an electric folding bike or a trike, battery capacity is essential for a carefree ride. The ideal battery is lightweight and has a short charging time. Of course, its characteristics will influence the price tag. 

So, consider where you plan on riding when choosing a battery. If you plan to ride easy terrain and with pedal assist most of the time, you won’t need as much battery capacity. 

How Much Does an Electric Trike Cost?

Most electric tricycles cost between $1,800 and $6,000. However, you can find trikes for as little as $750 and as much as $14,000. Ultimately, the cost will depend on the shop, manufacturer, and the trike’s characteristics.

For instance, shorter battery charging time, higher motor power, less weight, longer lifespan, and higher cargo capacity will bump up the price of your electric tricycle. 

Is a Trike Easier Than a Bike?

Because of their additional wheel and lower center of gravity, trikes provide more stability. On the other hand, they are larger and heavier, and you need to use extra force to pull them. 

However, things are different with electric trikes.

E-trikes provide the stability a regular tricycle does but eliminate their size and weight hardships. An electric tricycle has an additional motor that will give you the boost you need. 

Remember: you can ride an electric trike without even pedaling. Talk about an easy ride!