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Do you want to share an exciting bike ride with your friend or partner? Electric tandem bikes are the perfect solution! 

With multiple seats and pedals, a tandem e-bike elevates group riding sessions to another level. Running on electric power, these bikes allow you to enjoy the scenery or have a nice conversation with your partner without much pedaling. Plus, most tandem e-bikes are adjustable and can fit everybody’s needs.

If the idea of tandem e-bikes caught your attention, continue reading to discover more about this vehicle that can spice up any relationship. 

What are Electric Tandem Bikes?

A tandem e-bike is an electric bicycle designed for two riders, almost like two bikes meshed into one. Also known as a two-seater, this vehicle allows you to comfortably share a ride with your partner, friend, or family member.

Because they are larger and carry more weight, these bikes have a more powerful battery and motor. The front seat in most tandems is higher than the back seat. However, you can find a variety of e-bike two-seaters or even have one custom-made.

In any case, they are great for all types of riders. Both parties can enjoy a sufficient amount of physical activity. But the e-bike is also great for riders with different physical capabilities or biking experience levels. One rider can lead the ride while the other can sit back and enjoy. 

Electric Tandem Bike For Sale: Best Shopping Tips

There are many types of electric tandem bikes – cruiser, hybrid, kid-friendly, off-road mountain, racing, three-wheel, tricycle tandems, etc. Picking the right one at your local eBike shop may be a tough thing to do. Here are the top 4 shopping tips for electric tandem bikes to make a better decision. 

Mind The Frame

Tandem e-bikes are more complex than the typical e-bike, so they don’t have many options regarding frame size and shape. However, the best tandem bike should provide more vertical clearance for the front rider and have enough space between the two riders.

Choose The Right Wheels

Tandem e-bikes carry more weight than regular ones, so the wheels should be wider and stronger. Discuss how you plan to use your tandem with your riding partner and decide on the wheels after. For instance, you will need more durable wheels if you plan to go on a road trip as you’ll add even more weight with camping gear, clothing, supplies, etc.  


One of the best things about e-bikes, in general, is the ability to customize your vehicle. Various eBike accessories are available, including bike computers, racks, backrest seats, belts, mirrors, and footrests. These will improve comfort and make your group riding trips even more special.

Do a Test Ride

Before purchasing a tandem e-bike, you should be sure that it matches your size and needs. Test rides are the best way to determine whether your two-seater is what you are looking for. The most important thing is comfort. If you feel something isn’t right, consult the e-bike specialist at the shop or try another model. 

Is an Electric Tandem Bike Worth It?

The e-bike industry is vast and constantly growing. You can find electric bikes for under $1000 and ones for over $14,000. However, tandem bikes, in general, are more expensive. 

The reason? They are rarer and more difficult and expensive to manufacture. Plus, you get two in one! 

Despite their higher cost, tandem bikes are well worth the effort. They are the best option for sharing a bike ride with another rider. When you compare electric two-seaters with a car or a normal bike, they are undoubtedly the most practical option for longer road trips and adventures.