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A step-through electric bike is excellent for bikers who like casual rides. This e-bike can come with a low-top tube or, in some cases, no top tube. Its design allows a smooth climb on, making it perfect for seniors, people with limited leg mobility, or people who wear specific clothing (suits, skirts, dresses, etc.)

The step-through bike design has existed since the beginning of the 19th century. Initially, it was meant for women so their dresses don’t get stuck between the wheels. Today, the design got a modern makeover, making it great for every e-bike enthusiast.

If you want a classy look for a smooth electric ride through the city, read more about the step-through e-bike below.

Step-Through Electric Bikes Online For Sale

There are many step-through electric bikes available on the market at different prices. Most are for city rides and flat terrains, but you can also find step-through e-bikes that will give you the needed push to climb steep hills.

Many online brands sell step-through e-bikes through their stores, online e-bike shops, and even big retailers like Amazon or AliExpress. Regarding your preferences, you can choose the e-bike that would suit your need.

Even with e-bike accessories like motor and battery, the options are endless. This way, you can tailor the ride to your needs and according to your budget.

Step-Through Electric Bikes Shopping Tips

Since there are many step-through electric bikes on the market, it’s important to know what you are looking for while shopping. To make the most out of your new e-bike, follow these top 4 shopping tips. 

Set Your Goals

People use step-through bikes for several reasons – comfort or ease of use. The first step is thinking of how you plan on using your new e-bike in the future.

For instance, you can choose a mountain step-through bike if you plan to ride on both flat and steep terrain. You can also opt for an electric tandem bike to share the experience with a rider buddy. 

If you plan to use it for delivery or carrying groceries, you can consider an electric cargo bike with a step-through design. 

Add a Personal Touch

Today’s bikes are much more customizable than older models, especially e-bikes. A great option is a computer bike integrated with your smartphone. With this gadget, you can play music, have a video chat while riding, or follow the improvement of your physical health. 

But a bike computer is not the only available accessory. The options are limitless, from mirrors and headlights to fully customizable and specialized step-through electric bikes!

Consider Weight and Size

Because step-through bikes usually have a lower top tube, they provide less stability than step-over bikes. For this reason, they are made heavier and need a more powerful motor. 

This makes them not practical for city usage and hand carrying. However, you can solve the issue by simply choosing a lighter step-through electric bike that you will be able to take along anywhere. 

Consider All Options

As you search for your ideal e-bike, don’t be afraid to explore other e-bike types.

For instance, if you have a mobility problem, you might benefit more from an electric trike or a throttle e-bike. That’s why it’s best to try different types before purchasing and see what fits you most. 

Are Step-Through Electric Bikes Worth It?

Whether a step-through e-bike is worth it depends on your needs and preferences. This type of e-bike is a dream come true if you are:

  • A rider with a disability;
  • A city dweller;
  • A rider who prefers more leg space;
  • A rider who frequently wears suits, dresses, and skirts;
  • A rider who needs to hop on and off their bike often.

In other words, step-throughs are a great e-bike for commuting and exploring the city. However, most models are not a good fit for riding steep or rocky terrain. If you want to use this bike for such activities, make sure it’s a mid-drive electric bike with a high-quality frame.

How Much Do Step-Through Electric Bikes Cost? 

If you want to cut costs, you can find an electric bike under $1000. But, naturally, the better the quality, the more you pay.

Unless you encounter a sale or a great deal, expect to pay from $1,600 to over $3,000 for a high-quality step-through e-bike. Moreover, e-bikes with internal accessories typically cost more. In the same way, one with a more powerful motor and battery would have a higher cost.

Are Step-Through Electric Bikes Slower? 

As we mentioned, these e-bikes are made for easy city usage. As a result, manufacturers don’t focus as much on speed and performance as on comfort and design. Because of this, most step-throughs are slower than step-over bikes. 

But this doesn’t mean you can’t find a fast step-through e-bike for a reasonable price that will provide a wild ride.