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Do you want to enjoy mountain biking without worrying about physical performance? Or do you want to explore more trails but fall short on time? Electric mountain bikes are the perfect solution!

With the help of batteries and a motor, a mountain e-bike will turn up your pedaling power, allowing you to reach places faster. A bike climb will never be the same again, as these beasts can achieve up to 20 miles per hour with minimal effort. 

Read on to discover how mountain e-bikes can reinvent your adventures. 

Electric Mountain Bikes Online For Sale

Shopping for an e-bike has never been easier. From live and online e-bike shops to e-commerce sites like Amazon, you never know where you’ll find the perfect mountain e-bike. You can also browse e-bike accessories like lights, floor pumps, biking shoes, racks, and cleaning kits to customize the entire experience. 

On your search, you’ll even encounter mountain electric bikes under $1,000. However, these models might not be suitable for expert mountain riders, meaning that price is not the only thing you should consider. For instance, they might lack specific components, have low-quality batteries, be less durable, or come with dissatisfying warranties.

To avoid making rushed decisions, consider manufacturers and quality when looking for an e-bike.

5 Things To Know Before Buying an Electric Mountain Bike

When shopping for a mountain e-bike, you must confidently enter the store, knowing what you’re looking for. So, here are five things you must know before purchasing electric mountain bikes. 


The motor must be powerful enough to boost rides on rocky and hilly terrain. These motors are usually larger and are placed between the pedals to provide more stability. These are known as mid-drive motors. You could also encounter mountain e-bikes with hub motors, but they are not as modern. 

The most popular e-bike motor manufacturers are Brose, Yamaha, Shimano, and Bosch, with numerous different products. You can opt for a lightweight motor that provides less power or a heavyweight one that’s super-powerful. You can also choose a motor that makes mechanical or electronic sounds. Plus, some motors are water-resistant too.


A mountain e-bike can have full or hardtail suspension. Hardtail bikes only have a front suspension fork, while full-suspension bikes have suspension on both sides. That’s why they are also known as double suspension bikes.

Hardtails are lighter, more affordable, and energy-efficient. However, full-suspension bikes are better for beginners and rougher terrain, providing better traction and control, as they minimize turbulence and maximize confidence. 

When it comes to regular two-wheelers, hardtails are faster than full-suspension. However, with an e-bike, speed is not an issue since the motor will provide the needed boost in both cases. It all comes down to balancing and navigating obstacles – something full suspension bikes excel at. 

Wheel Size

Smaller wheels provide better maneuvering and acceleration, which is crucial for city rides. However, a larger wheel offers better traction and stability, allowing riders a better grip on their bike. This is essential for conquering rocky, muddy, and steep terrain.

Most mountain e-bikes use 29-inch wheels, but you can find a lot of 27.5-inch wheels too. Some manufacturers even combine these sizes – using the larger one at the front and the smaller ones at the back. 


Batteries are a key component of e-bikes, whether you drive a mountain or a casual step-through electric bike. When mountain biking, you should know the battery capacity at your disposal. For instance, if you are planning to go on a long-lasting adventure, it’s advisable to choose longer-lasting and heavier batteries.  

In addition, if your battery is incorporated with the bike, you will need to recharge the entire vehicle. This can disrupt your adventures as you must put everything on hold until you find where and how to recharge. This isn’t a problem with rechargeable batteries, as you can take multiple backup batteries on your trip and switch them when the time comes. 

Types of E-bikes

You can drive a mountain e-bike anywhere, but they are specifically designed for riding steep terrains and mountains. So, before purchasing a mountain e-bike, ensure you know all the other types of electric bicycles available.

For instance, a beach cruiser electric bike might be more suitable if you plan to ride your bike on the beach. Other popular e-bikes are cargo, trikes, commuter, tandems, and dirt bikes. 

Advantages of Mountain Electric Bikes

There are many advantages to including a mountain e-bike in your collection. First, it’s a stable and durable e-bike model that can help you conquer the most challenging terrains.

Second, it can give newbie mountain riders the confidence boost they need, and they can explore various new trials without worrying about their physical endurance. 

Next, there is a variety of mountain e-bikes available. Some bikers even opt for electric hunting bikes. These are upgraded versions of mountain e-bikes, specifically made for hunters. You can also check out mountain electric bikes for women – designed to fit women’s sizes and needs. 

Some other advantages of owning a mountain electric bike are:

  • Higher speed and more range than other types like beach bikes
  • More stable rides due to the bike’s lower center of gravity
  • More powerful rides
  • Opportunity to practice and gain mountain biking experience
  • Opportunity to enjoy the scenery while riding
  • E-mountain bikes are reliable and improve confidence
  • You can modify the bike to suit your preferences

Are Mountain E-Bikes Worth It?

Yes, electric mountain bikes are worth it. A high-quality mountain e-bike can make adventures safer and more fun through stable handling, providing impeccable balance. It’s a great option for mountain bikers who want to explore more trails, are looking for faster adrenaline-boosting rides, want to experiment, or upgrade their bike collection. 

Because an e-bike has an additional power boost, you don’t have to be in tip-top shape to ride a mountain e-bike. So, this mountain bike can expand your riding group to people who are not confident in their mountain riding abilities. Plus, many models are kid-friendly, meaning you can bring your family along on your trip. 

How Much Do Mountain Electric Bikes Cost? 

The cost of mountain e-bikes varies, ranging from a few hundred dollars to over $20,000. However, most start at $1,500, while the average cost for high-quality mountain e-bikes for sale is around $4,000. Remember: the higher the price, the better performance you should expect from your e-bike.