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Are you an avid hunter who happens to love biking? Electric hunting bikes are just what you need to get the best out of your hunting trip!

These bikes have been available for a few years but have grown in demand recently.

Just take a moment to consider how perfect this pairing is. When traversing challenging terrain, you need a tool that will assist you in getting where you need to go in a short amount of time.

So, before you head for an e-bike shop to purchase one, let’s go through the essentials, some shopping tips, and the benefits of owning one.  

How To Choose Electric Hunting: Best Shopping Tips

Electric bikes can be pretty expensive. So, spending money on a bike that won’t suit your needs will lead you nowhere. When shopping for e-bikes, check:

  • Build and size

A decent e-bike’s construction and size can vary depending on the manufacturer. Still, most are built using standard bike frames but have been strengthened for increased stability. They’re also more durable and sturdy, although a little heavier than others, such as the electric folding bike.

  • Storage

Because most hunters like having a lot of storage, certain hunting e-bikes have been designed with this in mind. They can have panniers and a rack on the back and even tow a trailer. With a trailer attached to your e-bike, you’ll have a lot of extra room and never have to stress about storage.

  • Power and Range

The power and location of the motor determine force and range. In addition to the all-wheel drive and rear-hub drive, other drivetrain options include mid-drive and rear-hub motors. If you’re unsure which motor type is best for you, we’ve created a comprehensive guide you should use before continuing.

The 750W should be sufficient in the broad majority of cases.

Your speed, weight, weather conditions, and the sort of terrain you’re riding will all affect the range. However, manufacturers of electric hunting bikes predict and state the shortest span you can get from their product.

  • Accessories

If you buy an electric bike, take note of everything you get for that price. Some of the most popular hunting electric bikes include rear racks and lighting. Sometimes, you may buy a hunting bike as part of a complete package that includes everything you need to go hunting.

If you want to give your e-bike a makeover, look into the available e-bike accessories from the manufacturer.

Can I Use an Electric Mountain Bike For Hunting?

Electric motorcycles are fantastic for hunting since they make transporting gear and wildlife easy. Many hunters use a mid-drive electric bike, but only on smoother terrains. Some prefer hunting e-bikes with trailers, backpacks, and racks that can haul their equipment. 

With steeper hills, electric mountain bikes can come in handy. These are also great for older hunters since it eases the stress on their knees from carrying the hunting gear.

Benefits of Owning Electric Mountain Bikes For Hunters

There are many positives to owning an electric bike for hunting. Here are the top ones:


Unnoticed hunting is a difficulty. It’s crucial to enter your duck blind or deer stand quietly. Carrying your things while walking might be challenging, so some hunters use ATVs, although these may spook wildlife. An electric hunting bike is a better option because it can transport you in silence.

Easy Carriage

Remote hunting requires adequate resources to keep you safe and fed. You’ll need many days of food, drink, shelter, and hunting gear. Owning an electric hunting bike with rucksacks will lengthen your stay in the bush. 

Saddlebags, handlebar bags, and a pannier rack provide enough storage. With a trailer, several of these e-bikes can transport up to 330 pounds.

Game recovery is easy

Once you’ve finished hunting, you’ll need to transport your prey. Instead of pulling it by hand, use an e-bike. E-bikes with 160Nm of torque can haul hefty loads. A cargo trailer will make the transport even easier.

However, note that an electric cargo bike cannot navigate rough terrain.

Efficiently manage difficult terrain

Hunting sometimes takes place in out-of-the-way locales. Many of these sites are situated in rugged terrain, which might make it challenging for you to hunt. You’ll need a powerful, stealthy e-bike if you want to go further into the bush and get closer to the action. These e-bikes are built to withstand rough terrain, meaning you can explore previously uncharted territory.

Why Do You Need an Electric Mountain Bike For Hunting?

One of the key advantages of using electric hunting bikes is being able to cover more ground quicker and easier. These will help you preserve energy while hunting. Plus, they’re fantastic for the elderly or individuals with joint problems.

So when planning your next hunting trip, don’t forget this useful gadget!