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Bikers nowadays take over the roads for many reasons – commuting to work, leisure time, stress release, or recreation. And if you want to be mobile and practical, electric folding bikes should be your go-to choice.

An easily portable and compact version, folding e-bikes are a perfect choice for those with limited storage space. Purchasing a pricier but lighter bike from an e-bike shop might make your commute an enjoyable experience. 

Electric Folding Bikes Shopping Tips

Buying folding e-bikes requires research and familiarity with how the whole electrical system of the bike operates. Consider the following tips on the folding two-wheelers:

  • Weight – if you are a commuter, you know that carrying around a heavy bike is no fun. When bike-shopping, lift the bike to check the bike’s weight, both folded and unfolded. High-quality frame material is crucial for having a light e-bike. Titanium is the best material for bikes, but it’s a bit on the expensive side. 
  • Rangeriding a bike on flat terrains and up hills is not the same. The range also depends on the riding style of the biker, so manufacturers’ range claims cannot be considered to the dot. Think about the difficulty of the terrain, the motor distance you need, and how far you need to travel
  • Foldability – you’ll be doing a lot of folding and unfolding of the bike, so choose the proper folding mechanism that will be easy to handle. The most popular one is the split-folding mechanism, but some prefer the triangular hinge or the breakaway mechanisms. Also, ensure the bike doesn’t take up too much space when folded. After all, you are purchasing it to be practical and fold nicely. 
  • Comfort – bike rides need to be comfortable, so be sure to select the right e-bike size. Saddles, handlebars, and frames must be adjustable and tailored to your needs. Another thing about comfort is the smooth ride – riding on cobbles and gravel could be unpleasant.

What are The Advantages of Folding Bikes?

Folding e-bikes have many advantages that users are looking for in a bike. The main reason bikers purchase folding bikes is the lack of space. Living in a small home demands that you save space every way you can. Folding bikes can fit into surprisingly small areas of your home. They are also great to store in your office without colleagues complaining.

E-bikes are easy to get around with, but if you have the folding option, you can even hop on public transportation where regular-sized bikes are not permitted. Or simply take them on your next vacation trip.

And while thieves target all bikes, e-bikes certainly make the cut. Regular cycles need to be left outside, sometimes in unsafe surroundings. Electric folding bikes offer the advantage of bringing the bike inside your home or office and even in some stores. 

How Durable are Folding Bikes? 

Paying a lot of money for an e-bike comes with the question – how long will I use it? They are exceptionally well-built, and if you care for and properly maintain them, the e-bike will be your companion for years. 

The e-bike lifespan depends on the frequency the bike is used, the riding lifestyle, the model or type of e-bike, and the kind of care you provide. The average age is around 10 years, but this is not set in stone. The dependencies include:

  • Battery – most e-bike batteries last around 1,000 charges or up to 5 years. Batteries are easily replaceable once they have been maxed out. 
  • Motor – the e-bike component with the longest duration, sometimes as long as the bike itself. Most motors are well protected, but be sure to take good care of them. Manufacturers can provide a new replacement if necessary. 
  • Chains and tires – the average ridder should replace them every 2 years or within 1,000 to 3,000 miles. Chains need regular lubrication and cleaning to expand their lifespan. 
  • Gears – are built to last as long as the bike, but it may be better to replace them after 3 years. Be sure to tune and maintain them to expand their lifespan. 

Purchasing e-bikes is a practical matter. Select one of the many folding e-bikes for sale and enjoy many years of easy commuting or smooth bike rides in the hills. If you calculate all aspects of owning an electric folding bike, you’ll be riding them for years.