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You’ve already heard the hype surrounding eBikes recently, and you may be tempted to get an electric bike for yourself. If so, how do you choose which kind of going for? After all, there are several subtypes. We recommend browsing through electric commuter bikes – the perfect middle ground.

Commuter eBikes are primarily designed for urban travel, making them leisurely enough to enjoy riding but not as laidback and low-performance as beach cruisers, for example. 

If you’re new to the eBike game, a commuter is a perfect choice for you, as it’ll allow you to get acquainted with the electric biking tech and see how far you can push your limits.

Keep reading to learn more about electric bikes for commuting, their benefits, cost, and limitations!

Electric Commuter Bikes For Sale: Best Shopping Tips

Seeing how electric commuter bikes are sort of the default type of eBikes you’ll find in your local eBike shop, the choices will probably be vast, so you may struggle to decide which one to choose. That’s why we’re here to share some shopping tips, pointing out which aspects to focus on. 

Firstly, start with your basic needs. What are you primarily planning on using the bike for? If you ride to work every day, consider your city’s terrain – is it flat or full of hills and valleys? Is it crowded or empty? Are the streets wide or narrow? How long will your trips be?

Based on such questions, make a list of priorities: a strong, long-lasting battery that won’t die on you halfway through, a good motor that goes at least up to 500 watts, a comfortable frame that suits your build, and enough space to add a bike rack, backpack, or other eBike accessories.

If you’re on the shorter side, a step-through electric bike would be a great option, as you’ll find it easier to hop on and off of it. Part of the electric bike’s appeal is that it reduces your effort when pedaling, preventing you from arriving at work covered in sweat.

If you live in a smaller apartment, consider electric folding bikes, for example, as they are some of the most practical alternatives, taking up as little space as possible. 

The possibilities are endless!

What are The Benefits of Electric Bikes For Commuting

These tips allude to the main advantage of commuter eBikes – versatility. While professional bikers who’re into riding through rough terrains may look for something on the sportier side, akin to electric mountain bikes, commuting bikes manage to keep things grounded while still providing firm support.

Unlike beach cruisers, which are a bit too lightweight, commuters lie somewhere in between. They have both strong batteries and mid-drive motors, with firm, thick tires, but are also easy enough to ride to work daily without exerting yourself.

The motor helps push you through while driving, improving your balance and stability and removing a significant part of the effort you’d usually put into pedaling. You’ll be able to get wherever you’re headed quickly, with little effort, and so long as you charge your battery in time, you won’t encounter any difficulties.

However, if you ever feel like going for a bike ride in nature or engaging in a friendly race with your family, commuter bikes can still deliver, as they tend to be quite far from flimsy.

How Much Do Beach Cruiser Electric Bikes Cost?

So, how much money would you have to splurge? For instance, a commuter bike would tend to be in the same price range as a beach cruiser electric bike, which is between $600 and $5,000. 

The price may go up or down depending on the brand name, performance, positioning and strength of the motor, battery capacity, and any included accessories. What’s more, considering the popularity of eBikes, it’s normal that some of them may be on the pricier side.

These urban eBikes aren’t the most expensive (mountain, cargo, or touring eBikes can go much higher than this), but you’ll still need to research before rushing to purchase one.

Are Electric Bikes Good For Commuting?

All that being said, if you make the right choice, electric commuter bikes can be a true delight. Not only will your day-to-day riding experience excel any past rides you may have, but you’ll soon realize the boundless potential that eBikes carry – both for the riders and the environment.

Electric bikes are also environmentally friendly, and seeing how popular they are – you can find them just about anywhere! 

Just browse through the offered products, and you’ll surely find something that catches your eye and offers a suitable balance of performance, price, and accessories. Buy it, and you’ll never look back.