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Electric cargo bikes are a gift from the gods! 

And they indeed are! Cargo bikes are considered one of the most practical vehicles ever invented and have been around for centuries. An affordable, relatively lightweight, and environmentally-friendly option, they’re great for carrying heavy baggage and easy transportation.

The main issue with cargo bikes has always been the weight; when fully loaded, it can prove quite challenging to maneuver, and inexperienced bikers might struggle to maintain balance or even to get it properly going.

These are the specialty of eBikes – they give an extra degree of reliability and kind of do part of the riding for you. So, combining a powerful electric bike with a useful cargo frame can help you carry luggage or even your kids without batting an eye! 

Want to know how to find affordable electric cargo bikes? Keep reading!

How To Use a Cargo Bike?

Cargo bikes are usually divided into mid-tail bikes, longtail bikes, and front-loading bikes. Longtails and mid-tails carry the cargo at the back, behind the rider, while the front-loading has a box in front. These are suitable for carrying kids, pets, or heavy bags and can usually carry up to 450 pounds.

Driving it requires a little more precaution from your side. For instance, you’d want to take corners and road curves quite slowly and avoid traffic jams until you get used to riding a cargo bike.

It takes a little getting used to, so don’t be too hard on yourself. In the beginning, you’ll probably have difficulty maintaining balance with the additional weight, so start with light bags and slowly increase the weight.

Avoid carrying children or pets at the beginning, as they tend to move while riding, causing additional balance difficulty. Finally, ensure your cargo is strapped properly, lest it staggers on one side more than the other or slips off your bike mid-ride.

Electric Cargo Bikes For Sale: Best Shopping Tips

Electric cargo bikes can help you get by much faster, as their main purpose is to propel you forward even when you can’t manage to pedal as fast as you want. Additionally, they provide some extra balance and comfort. Yet, not all cargo eBikes are the same.

When you head to your eBike shop, consider the following criteria before you make your purchase:

  • Power and quality – you’d want a bike with a strong motor and a long-lasting battery, preferably a mid-drive electric bike, to guarantee the safe and sound handling of your burden.
  • Usage and comfort – you’re not buying an electric hunting bike, so instead of focusing on the outdoor performances of the vehicle, make sure that it will provide the necessary comfort while riding around town. What’s more, check the structure of the cargo frame and ensure that it’ll function well in terms of usefulness.
  • Affordability – The main catch is that cargo eBikes can be quite costly, so always focus on finding a good product at a reasonable price to get the best price-for-value ratio!

An electric cargo bike can be a life-saver, so you should be extra careful when buying one. It’s mainly used similarly to an electric commuter bike, but the additional cargo makes a difference. The weight and the price are the trickiest aspects.

How Much Does an Electric Cargo Bike Cost?

Speaking of the price, be prepared for sums as high as $8,000 when looking for a cargo eBike! That’s right, some of the most expensive, premium eBikes come at astonishingly high price points, so knowing how much you need this vehicle and how much you’re willing to spare is essential before you even start browsing.

And that’s without even considering the eBike accessories essential to every bike purchase! Whereas you may be able to find one for as low a price as $1,700, for instance, you’ll need to be very lucky and very persistent in your search. 

Is It Easy To Ride a Cargo Bike?

Like all bikes, electric cargo bikes are easy for experienced riders. The more you ride them, the more you get used to balancing the additional weight. Until that point, though, they can pose quite a challenge. You could try practicing with an electric trike, for instance, if you have one until you get used to a wider frame that can carry multiple people. From then on, you could progress to the proper cargo version.

Are Electric Cargo Bikes Safe?

That being said, cargo eBikes are as safe as the rider is. That’s why we’d heartily recommend getting one, as the motor and batteries can lend it some extra stability, but make sure you can properly manage your bike before you head into traffic!