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Passionate e-biker are always looking for new riding trails to discover and explore. Bike use has become convenient for getting out and connecting with nature. And you can do this by using an electric bike rack.

Having your e-bike with you is always a blessing, but transporting it may be challenging. You won’t be lacking options in selecting e-bike racks as the offer is endless.

What is an E-Bike Rack?

Electric bike racks are additional e-bike accessories becoming essential for travelers. They allow you to carry your e-bike everywhere you go. The racks should be user-friendly and offer damage-free and safe transportation for your two-wheeler. There are two rack options that you should consider before making the purchase. 

Hitch-Mounted Bike Rack

The hitch-mounted rack is a rear bike carrier that allows for effortless loading and unloading of bikes. Some models will enable the mounting of up to four bikes. This is a suitable option for e-bikes because the rack provides flexibility and the highest weight capacity. Most of these racks have a tilt function allowing access to the trunk with the bikes still mounted on the rack.

Roof-Mounted Bike Rack

The roof-mounted racks have evolved over the years, but the downside is that they cannot be mounted on all vehicles. Because the bikes are mounted on the roof, they allow easier access to the vehicle’s rear door and save you money on additional illuminating accessories. However, it is a bit tricky to carry e-bikes because the weight limit of this rack is up to 20kg.

E-Bike Rack Shopping Tips

If you are contemplating between one of the two rack options, the hitch-mounted rack is probably a better option for e-bikes. An online e-bike shop offers detailed specifications to help you choose, but you may find some of these tips helpful as well: 

  • Apart from checking whether the rack fits the bike, you should check whether it is the right electric bike rack for your vehicle. The rear spare tire may present a problem in mounting the rack. Plus, you should consider if any other parts may need adjustments before the rack installment.
  • Assess the need for purchasing an e-bike rack. Will you be transporting one or more e-bikes, and how often will you use them? It’s pointless to invest in something that won’t serve the purpose. 
  • Safety is above all, especially in an e-bike rack. You’ll be driving in all weather conditions and wouldn’t want the e-bike dropping in the middle of nowhere. A sound safety system is a must!
  • Know your budget limits. Safety and quality come at a high price, but you could choose some more affordable options too. Make sure they are as reliable as those with a higher price. 
  • Do your research. What may look like a simple thing does require a lot of research. Before buying the electric bike rack, be sure you know the unique features of your e-bike and rack capabilities. One rack cannot satisfy the needs of all e-bike owners, but you can always find the one that best suits your needs and demands.