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The electric bike battery is an essential component of e-bikes. It might seem simple, but there are many things you need to consider in a battery, and it all depends on your needs and requirements. Made up of individual cells, the battery comes in different shapes and sizes – and prices too!

So, when talking about an e-bike battery, you need to pay attention to price and quality. You may want a high-quality battery for a small price, but that’s usually not how it works. 

E-Bike Batteries Online For Sale

E-bike accessories and batteries can be purchased online from reputable suppliers like Bosch, Yamaha, Panasonic, Shimano, or Brose. By purchasing batteries from any of these manufacturers, you are getting a brand-name product, an intelligent battery management system to keep the battery healthy, the best-quality lithium-ion cells, and a warranty from the manufacturer. 

You can also search for online sales with unofficial vendors but always ensure you are getting the quality you are paying for. Trying to save a few dollars on the battery may only bring disappointment and diminish the pleasure of the riding experience, as well as lower the quality of your e-bike.

How Long Do E-Bike Batteries Last?

Like any other battery, e-bike batteries also have a lifespan. No set rule says a battery lasts for a certain period because this can be affected by many factors. The battery duration cannot be measured in time but rather in charge cycles. 

The most common e-bike battery is a lithium-ion battery that is good for up to 1,000 charge cycles (note that a charge cycle means a full charge to complete depletion). However, don’t be surprised if you find batteries that can have more or less charging cycles. 

To prolong your battery, you have to:

  • Find a dry and cool storage spot;
  • Not leave the battery plugged too long;
  • Always use the charger the manufacturer provided;
  • Never store the battery empty;
  • Refrain from draining the battery completely. 

How Much Does an E-Bike Battery Cost? 

The electric bike battery is one of the priciest components of an e-bike and the part that needs to be specially cared for. Searching through an online e-bike shop, you will find a wide selection of batteries based on price and quality. 

Make sure that when you purchase an e-bike battery, you check other features such as voltage and amps, but BMS and battery chargers, too – if you’re paying for a quality battery, it should include all top settings.

Depending on the brand, capacity, and other factors, premium e-bike batteries cost between $500 and $800. This price range is typical for batteries between 400wh and 700wh. There might be some cheaper versions out there, but that way, you will be risking damaging your e-bike

When it comes to this type of battery, you should always purchase the brand recommended by the e-bike manufacturer. This way, you’ll be sure it is compatible with your bike and, ultimately, get the best riding experience.