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e-Joe GADIS Battery 48V

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e-Joe KODA Battery 48V

$559.00$686.00 | Next day shipping on all orders

Accessories make everything better – and eBike accessories are no exception to the rule! 

An eBike is an excellent option for many avid bikers! Whether you’re more into recreational bike riding or are an adventurous professional, climbing mountains and discovering rocky terrains on your vehicle of choice, the extra motor can always come in handy. But why not elevate your experience with eBike accessories?

There’s a variety of electric bike accessories on the market. Keep reading to learn more about the best types of accessories; we’ll cover all you need to know!

How To Choose The Best eBike Accessories?

Say you’ve entered your eBike shop of choice and feel overwhelmed by all the ground-breaking gadgets that seem to fit perfectly with your electric bike. How to look for the very best?

The key is to know what you plan on using your bike for. In for a relaxed ride through the city or along the river bank? Or are you perhaps getting ready for an adrenaline-packed mountain ride? Think of what you need your accessories for, and you’ll find it easier to choose the best.

When it comes to price, a higher tag doesn’t necessarily mean better quality, and cheaper doesn’t always mean low quality. Check for items that have the best price-for-value ratio. 

Must-Have eBike Accessories You Should Consider

The must-have accessories for all-electric bike riders are here! Accessorize your bike game to a T! Many are safety-related because safety is stylish. Continue below for the best accessories you can treat yourself with! 

A Bike Helmet

We’re starting with one of the most classic, timeless, and applicable bike accessories – a helmet. Helmets are a must for all kinds of bikes or similar motor vehicles. With the sole aim of protecting your head, the helmet is the main guarantee of a safe bike ride

Depending on your lifestyle and riding pattern, you can choose between different helmet variations; some lighter and more open, others heavier, offering better protection.

A First-Aid Kit

Electric bikes tend to add extra comfort and reliability to riders, which sometimes makes them too relaxed. Yet, one can never be too careful, so a staple eBike accessory that all riders must have in their possession is a first-aid kit.

A first-aid kit usually contains gauzes, bandages, plasters, splints, bandaids, other basic wound dressing equipment, extra frozen food packs, and similar objects. These are all much-needed remedies for all issues you’d normally encounter on a bike ride. 

An Electric Bike Rack With a Bike Backpack

Leaving the basics aside, an electric bike rack is a key accessory that most eBikes can realistically do without but can be incredibly useful. Racks are ideal for equipping all sorts of objects – pannier bags, child carriers, different types of cargo – but they’re best suited for bike backpacks.

Bike bags usually sport horizontal and vertical straps that fit perfectly onto the bike rack, firmly securing your bag for the upcoming ride. 

So instead of getting just one, why not get both? A bike bag gives you extra storage to carry all sorts of useful objects, including food, extra accessories, and even some gadgets. And the bike rack lets you carry it more easily!

A Quality Lock

Electric bikes are the ‘it’ item today. They’re popular, and many subtypes are emerging on the market daily, making them all the more vulnerable to theft. Sometimes, however, modern problems warrant good, old-fashioned solutions, and a quality lock that’ll secure your bike whenever you leave it chained will ensure that it stays put. 

The saying better safe than sorry is very true when investing in a good old quality lock!

An Electric Bike Battery

However, a drained battery doesn’t warrant an old-fashioned solution. A spare electric bike battery is a must-have, regardless of where you’re going and how long your trip’s expected to take. 

Consider some famous brand products, such as X-go eBike Battery or the Unit Pack Power Jumbo Battery. They will help you rest assured that you can instantly put your eBike back on the road if your current battery suddenly dies or malfunctions.

An Electric Bike Conversion Kit

While there are countless other essential eBike accessories, we’ll round this list up with an electric bike conversion kit. Considering the speed with which eBikes are being upgraded in today’s market, having a bike conversion kit that’ll allow you to upgrade your bike as needed will be one of your go-to accessories.

With this conversion kit, you’ll be able to convert any regular bike into an eBike as needed. It’s a great idea for those who want to experience an electric bike’s boost but still want regular cycling; this conversion kit is a must!