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Our Story

Growing up with my bike was a wonderful experience and really gave birth to my sense of adventure. From riding the neighborhood streets with my friends to off-roading down the hill outside of town, some of my favorite childhood memories were made on my beat-up, old Trek bike almost a lifetime ago. Unfortunately, I grew up, I outgrew my bike and got a drivers license - just like that, I probably didn’t ride a bike (other than a rental on vacation) for over a decade.

After moving to Colorado I fell in with a new group of friends that liked mountain biking and I once again found myself owning a bike, looking forward to the next ride and the next trail. Now, biking is part of my life again and I don’t plan to give it up. Whether out on mountain trails or just cruising the city, biking is a fun, healthy outlet for me to get outside and enjoy the world around me.

Ever since I first heard of them, I immediately became interested in ebikes. While biking is fun, nothing is less fun than a steep climb after a long ride and, living in Colorado, that is more common than you’d expect. So, I bought an ebike and haven’t looked back since. While I initially got into ebikes looking to make my mountain biking more leisurely, I’ve become a huge advocate for them and even got some for my parents a few years back. Whereas I would’ve never been able to sign my parents up for a hilly ride before, now with their step through pedal-assist bikes we can go just about anywhere.

I started Relax&Ride with the purpose of making shopping for ebikes more accessible. With the technology still being fairly new, and most manufacturers only selling their bikes on their own site, getting a grasp of what’s out there and what’s best for you can be hard. Now, using Relax&Ride you can easily sort through the best available brands on the market to find the ebike that’s fit for you.

I hope you find this site helpful - after all, the whole point is to be able to relax and ride!